Active and Passive Voice Exercises Past Perfect Tense

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Past Perfect Tense – 1

  1. The postman had already delivered the letters.
  2. They had made his chairman.
  3. The bankers had already opened the gate.
  4. He had never visited Agra before.
  5. I had finished my work by 4 pm,
  6. He had already missed the train.
  7. The cricketers had played two matches by 4 pm
  8. Who had invited you to the party?
  9. Why had you not prepared your lessons?
  10. Nobody had done anything.
  11. I had taught the students later.
  12. The boys had eaten the cakes.
  13. He had informed me of the accident immediately.
  14. They had sold their oxen.
  15. Mukesh had broken the glass.

Check Your Answers

  1. The letter had already been delivered by the postman.
  2. He had been made chairman by them.
  3. The gate had already been opened by the bankers.
  4. Agra had never been visited before by him.
  5. My work had been finished by me by 4pm.
  6. The train had already been missed by him.
  7. Tow matched had been played by the cricketers by 4 pm.
  8. By whom had you been invited to the party?
  9. Why had your lessons not been prepared by you?
  10. Anything had not been done.
  11. The students had been taught later by me.
  12. The cakes had been eaten by the boys.
  13. I was informed of the accident immediately by him.
  14. Their oxen had been sold by them.
  15. The glass had been broken by Mukesh.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Past Perfect Tense – 2

  1. Somebody had stolen your handkerchief.
  2. The director had warned the students to pay the fees.
  3. Nobody had answered the questions.
  4. The children had not done their work.
  5. We had disturbed him certainly.
  6. How had you solved the problem?
  7. The SP had arrested the robbers.
  8. The father had punished his son.
  9. The painter had painted the window.
  10. He had made several mistakes.

Check Your Answers

  1. Your handkerchief had been stolen.
  2. The students had been warned to pay the fees by the directors.
  3. The question had not been answered.
  4. Their homework had not been done by the children.
  5. He had been disturbed certainly by us.
  6. How had the problem been solved by you?
  7. The robbers had been arrested by the SP.
  8. His son had been punished by the father.
  9. The window had been painted by the painter.
  10. Several mistakes had been made by him.

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