Best English Book for SSC CGL – Must Read for Sure Success

This is a conversation between a teacher and students. The teacher has been teaching English for many years. Therefore, he is supposed to have good knowledge of study materials for success in SSC CGL. Read the below conversation held on the best English book for SSC CGL.
Sir, it is very important to know the right books to hit the bull’s eye, isn’t it? SSC CGL has not been an easy competition to beat. To make our success achievable, we need to know the best books for it. Since you are our best English teachers, let us know what is the best English book for SSC CGL?
OK, the English language is the highest scoring section of SSC CGL exam. There are so many students preparing for this competition. Some students think they should make a good collection of books. But, I want to make it clear, it is not a collection of books which take you to success but certain books along with your dedication and hard work.
Before I jump to the best English book for SSC CGL, let us have a look at the topics of English focused on the examination. These topics are Fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, single word substitutions, idioms and phrases, sentence correction etc. We can categorise the best English book for SSC CGL as below-
  • Grammar Book (Which include fill in the blanks, sentence correction, passage etc.)
  • Vocabulary Book (Which includes synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitution, idioms and phrases etc.)
  • Practice Book (Which includes model papers for practice)

So which book would you like to know, any one of the above or all the above?

We would like to know every book of the above which proves to be the best English book for SSC CGL? We want to score the highest marks as possible. And we will follow as you lead. Please go ahead and guide us.

So, the best English book for SSC CGL is Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh. I will suggest this book for a beginner and for an intermediate candidate having Hindi background. Here in this book, every topic is covered well. The exercises at the end of the topic are the best part of the book. Therefore, the book is sufficient to score well in SSC CGL.

SP Bakshi is also the best English book for SSC CGL. But I would suggest this book for the convent-educated student. And believe me, the book proves to be the best book for grammar preparation.

If finding an error and improvement is the weakest part of yours, you need to opt for A Mirror of Common Error by AK Singh. This is the best English book for SSC CGL, especially for this section. You will easily score more than 95% in English.
Sir, you mean to say, first of all, we need to find where we stand. We need to decide which book suits best for us, isn’t it?
Definitely, judge yourself by taking test and exams. Then choose one of the above books and study hard. I would like to tell you one thing more. MB Publication English SSC Book is no less than above books. You can go for it as well. Hope you all have got the best English book for SSC CGL.
Yes, sir, we have come to know the best grammar book. Now, tell us about the vocabulary books.
See, for vocabulary, you need to know the roots. Therefore, I would suggest you read the Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. For one word substitution, idioms and phrases, synonyms and antonyms etc. the above grammar books are supportive. Hence, I would suggest you read The Hindu newspaper on daily basis and making a collection of words, idioms and phrases etc.
Yea, I have also heard about the Word Power Made Easy to be the best English book for SSC CGL to master roots. 
It is useful not only for the SSC CGL but also for other competitions. If you study the book well, you will have mastery over the roots of words.
Ok, sir, we know now the best English book for SSC CGL of grammar book and vocabulary book. Now tell us for the practice book as you mentioned above. 
Yea, everyone knows practise makes a man perfect. It proves well in the competition. You know the grammar rules. You have command over the vocabulary. Still, you are not ready for competition. A competition asks for speed and accuracy. It means your application of knowledge is required now. It is not good to buy a practice book from the market and start practising. There are many books which are misprinted. Some of them deal with the wrong options as well. So, be smart enough to choose the best English book for SSC CGL to practise.
Oh! Now I got. There might be some misprints in the books. There might be some wrong options as well. They may lead us to the wrong path. They may mislead us resulting out failure. 
Yes, it happens very often. There are so many candidates who lose their 2-3 years in ignorance. Candidates rely on Kiran Publication. You can opt for it. However, I strongly suggest you for MB Publication. You will get amazing results.
Thank you so much, sir, for your kind information about the best English book for SSC CGL. Now we have the knowledge regarding the books. We definitely go for the books as you’ve suggested. So sir, finally suggest the books to start. 
See, my dear candidates, it is not wise to buy 20 books of the subject. However, it is wise to buy 1 book and study it 20 times. Read-only 1 book again and again. When master, buy the next one and study hard. If you want to start preparation, buy these books first and study hard.
Now, let us wrap it up. Finally, Wish you a bright and successful career.

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