Change the following sentence as directed is a collection of sentence exercises. For this, you need to know kinds of sentences. There are many exercises of sentence conversion. They are as follow.

Affirmative Sentence

Change the following sentences as directed (Affirmative Sentence).

  1. Birju does not play chess.
  2. They are not swimming the dirty pound.
  3. They do not want to go to the cinema.
  4. People can not understand my plan.
  5. My brother is not wiser than I am.
  6. He is not writing a letter.
  7. She is not a mother.
  8. You can not see her in the market.
  9. He did not visit his great grandmother.
  10. My office is not open on Sunday.

Check Your Answers

  1. Does Birju play chess?
  2. Are they swimming in the dirty pound?
  3. Do they want to go to the cinema?
  4. Can people understand my plan?
  5. I am as wise as my brother.
  6. Is he writing a letter?
  7. Is she a mother?
  8. Can you see her in the market?
  9. Did he visit his great grandmother?
  10. Is my office open on Sunday?

Negative Sentence

Change the following sentences as directed (Negative Sentence).

  1. Sara was late yesterday.
  2. Radhika can not walk fast.
  3. He has done his work completely.
  4. Anita speaks French.
  5. You will go there.
  6. She has memorised the lesson well.
  7. We shall play cricket this week.
  8. You are the captain of the team.
  9. Amrita gave her book for a week.
  10. The mother can teach you well.

Check Your Answers

  1. Was Sara not late yesterday?
  2. Can Radhika not walk fast?
  3. Has he not done his work completely?
  4. Does Anita not speak French?
  5. Will you not go there?
  6. Has she not memorised the lesson well?
  7. Shall we not play cricket this week?
  8. Are you not the captain of the team?
  9. Did Amrita not give her book for a week?
  10. Can the mother not teach you well?

Interrogative Sentence

Change the following sentences as directed (Interrogative Sentence).

  1. The cat is in the bed.
  2. The sweeper is sweeping the hall.
  3. He does not brush his teeth.
  4. The teacher is not well.
  5. The child goes out in the rain.
  6. This watch has a beautiful dial.
  7. You are feeling good.
  8. He will speak English for one hour.
  9. The guardian was shouting at the boys.
  10. The audiences cheered him.

Check Your Answers

  1. Is the cat not in the bed?
  2. Is the sweeper not sweeping the hall?
  3. Does he not brush his teeth?
  4. Is the teacher not well?
  5. Does the child not go out in the rain?
  6. Has this watch not a beautiful dial?
  7. Are you not feeling well?
  8. Will he not speak English for an hour?
  9. Was the guardian not shouting at the boys?
  10. Did the audiences not cheer him?

Exclamatory Sentence

Change the following sentences as directed (Exclamatory Sentence).

  1. I wish I were a bird.
  2. It is joyful that I won the match.
  3. I wish that I were the captain of the Indian cricket team.
  4. It is strange that he is passed.
  5. You have arrived very early.
  6. He is a great fool.
  7. It is a matter of sorrow that he is dead.
  8. I wish he were alive.
  9. The day is very bright today.
  10. It was a great investment.

Check Your Answers

  1. O! I were a bird.
  2. Hurrah! I won the match.
  3. O that! I were the captain of the Indian cricket team.
  4. How strange of his passing!
  5. How early you have arrived!
  6. What a fool he is!
  7. Alas! He is dead.
  8. O! He were alive.
  9. How bright the day is today!
  10. What an investment it was!

Miscellaneous Sentence

Change the following sentences as directed against each.

  1. What a surprise! (Assertive Sentence)
  2. The kid is sleeping. (Interrogative Sentence)
  3. Call the next student. (Assertive Sentence)
  4. O, God! You are late. (Assertive Sentence)
  5. It is a favourable day today. (Interrogative Sentence)
  6. How nice of him to help my servant! (Assertive Sentence)
  7. Ah! It was a happy day. (Assertive Sentence)
  8. That was a great person. (Interrogative Sentence)
  9. Hurrah! We have won the contest. (Assertive Sentence)
  10. How stupid you are! (Declarative Sentence)

Check Your Answers

  1. It was a great surprise.
  2. Is the kid not sleeping?
  3. You should call the next student.
  4. It is sad that you are late.
  5. Is it not a favourable day today?
  6. It was very nice of him to help my servant.
  7. It is a matter of joy that it was a happy day.
  8. Was that not a great person?
  9. It is joyful that we have won the contest.
  10. You are very stupid.

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