Definition of Sentences with Examples – Learn Grammar Step by Step

Definition of Sentences with Examples is the beginning of your journey of grammar. We can not deny the importance of sentences. This, you can say, is the foundation of the building. Isn’t it?

Once you understand the sentences, you’ve won half the battle. We will not leave you in mid of the journey. You will take you to the destination. Ok, now let us start with the brief introduction of things we’re gonna cover in it. We’ll cover the following-

  • Definition of Sentences
  • Subject and Predicate
  • Kinds of Sentences
  • Question Tags
  • Phrases and Clauses 
  • Sentences Based on Structure

We, however, learn only the definition of sentences with examples in this article. So, without wasting much of your time let’s start.

The Definition of Sentences with Examples

The question frequently arises in our mind what is the definition of sentences. This is so easy. You have seen the image above. What have you seen?

Just 3 steps. Isn’t it?

  1. Group of words with a complete sense
  2. Starting with CAPITAL letters.
  3. And ending with punctuation marks.

That’s it? We have finished the definition of sentences.

Have you got it? Or feeling a bit problem? Don’t worry. Let’s elaborate and get it with examples of sentences.

  1. John goes to market. 
  2. Does he always go to market?
  3. Oh, God! How disgusting it is!

The first step of the definition tells that the sentences are a group of words. Right. We can see there in all the above sentences, there are groups of words and all of them are making complete sense. It means the first step is fulfilled.

Let’s see the second one whether it satisfies the definition or not. What does it say in the second step?

It always starts with capital letters. That also right. All three sentences start with the capital letters like John, Does, and Oh. It, therefore, also satisfies the definition.

Let’s move onto the third and last step. It says that sentences end with punctuation marks. we can see the full stop in the first sentence and a question mark and exclamation mark in the second and the third sentence respectively. So, it fulfills the definition of the sentence.

On the basis of the definition given above, we can say all the sentences written are the right sentences.

Now, you might get the definition of the sentences. Let us, finally, summarise the definition of the sentences with examples once again.

The group of words with a complete sense, starting with capital letters and ending with a punctuation mark is called a sentence. 

Check Your Understanding?

Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. Punctuate them correctly.

Solve the Exercise

What is the Purpose of Sentences?

To know the purpose of the sentences, let’s have a look at the image below.

Definition of sentences with examples,

Have you got the purpose of the sentences in our daily life? We use the sentences for different purposes. Some of them are written below. I repeat some of them are there, not all of them.

  • For greeting people.
  • For asking questions.
  • To make a request.
  • To offer something.
  • For seeking advice, permission, and information, etc.
  • To express regret, surprise, wonder, joy, sorrow, etc.

Now, let us wrap the articles here. We will continue studying the sentences. This is not the end of it. I Hope, you enjoyed and understood the article. If yes, don’t forget to comment and say thanks. Next comes-

  • Subject and Predicate
  • Kinds of Sentences
  • Question Tags
  • Phrases and Clauses 
  • Sentences Based on Structure

We will study all the above topics in sentences. Till then, keep doing exercises of sentences. See you in the next session.

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