Is Mobile Phone Boon or Bane – A Debate for School Students

Is the mobile phone is a boon or bane? has been burning and evergreen topics for the school students as well as for the college-going students.

debate on mobile phone boon or bane

Are you a school going student or college going? Have you been told to prepare the debate, group discussion or speech on the mobile phone is a boon or bane? If so, don’t worry. We are here to help you. I am sure, you will be more confident if you go through it.

Let us start with the burning topic of mobile phone boon or bane.

The Topic covers the following points.

Mobile Phone as a Boon

Mobile Phone is the Fastest Means of Communication

Think about the means of communication in the past. What do you find? We bought writing pad, envelops and Wrote letters to our loved ones. It took approx 15 days of time to reach the destination. Then the person wrote the letter and again it took the same amount of time. It means it was a very lengthy process of communication.

Now, we have mobile phones. What have we to do? Just dialling the 10 digit number and we are connected to the concerned person. It’s not a lengthy and hectic process of communication like past.

Therefore, the mobile phone is boon, not a bane.

It Provides Us Information at All Time

The mobile phone is a device which is always in our pockets. Resulting, we have all-time access to the internet. Now, we have some confusion, now we have the clarity the next moment. We have a clear picture of the topics what we think difficult.

Undoubtedly, we can not deny that the mobile phone makes this happen. Thank God, we are blessed with the device. If we are so much help with it, how can it be a bane? Definitely, the mobile phone is a boon.

Cellphone Works as Our Personal Assistant

If you have been in an office, you must have seen a pretty girl sitting there and helping the boss. She compiles all the office works and organizes the days, meetings, appointments etc. on daily bases. And obviously, she takes a huge amount for the work but ensures the smooth and successful running of the office works.

Now, there are so many assistants available on our mobile phones like google assistant, Siri, Cortana etc. They also do the same work as our personal secretary does. If we can not pay that huge amount to a personal assistant, we can opt for the applications suitable for us.

If the mobile phone is such a helping device, I don’t understand why people say its bane. The mobile phone is boon, not a bane.

It Works as a Source of Entertainment

Earlier, there were limited source of entertainment. Only a few people got access to cinema, movies, theatre, clubs etc. Be it lack of availability or lack of money or whatever.

Since we have got a mobile phone, we have a variety of entertainment. We can play music and listen to songs. We can watch television, play games etc. Moreover, there is no time restriction of these amusements. We are free to use at any point of time.

Therefore, the mobile phone is boon, not a bane.

Mobile Phone Provides Us with the Best Teacher of the World

Everyone lives at a place and can avail the facilities of the limited area. So happens in the education system. We can get the teacher of that area only and need to choose one of them.

But now, since it is the mobile era, the word like local, regional, national etc has no importance. We are taught by the best teacher in the world. We have no restrictions on choosing the teachers. We are free to opt for the best-suited teacher for us for a particular topic.

Think, what has made this thing happen, the mobile phone! isn’t it? Therefore, the mobile phone is boon, not a bane.

Cell Phone Has Made the World Global Market

Since the mobile phone has arrived in the market, we are more globalized. There are no differences among us. No differences among the countries. We have grown our business throughout the country as well as the world. We are not compelled to shop in our locality. We can shop from all over the world, from any corner of the globe.

There are many applications like Amazon, snap deal, etc which provides platforms for shopping. Many websites are there to help us in choosing the right items like digitalibraries etc. If the mobile phone has provided us with such a boundless availability, how can it be a bane?

It Makes Our Life Easier and Systematic

Do you remember the day when people had a diary to organize their day and work? The day people had an alarm clock to wake early in the morning and so on. It was so difficult to remember the appointments, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Now the mobile phone has made it easier. There is phone list to store the contact numbers, an alarm to make you wake up, a reminder to remind work, a calendar to organize your work, to remember birthdays, anniversaries etc. We need not carry different things for different works. Our life has become easier with the mobile phone.

It is boon, not a bane.

It Provides Us with the Faster Growth in Our Business

Gone are those days when people were hanging the hoardings, distributes pamphlets, leaflets etc. They were more costly than that of today.

It is the time of the digital world like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google ads, Whats app etc. Now don’t think about the traditional ways of advertising, Grow your business to the top level through Digital Marketing and forget the limited area. Now think to grow your business around the world. What has made it possible? Mobile phone.

The mobile phone is boon, not a bane.

Mobile Phone Makes Education Accessible to Us

It is said that 70% population of Indians are farmers and lives in villages. The moment the picture of village arises in our mind, we see the development lagging behind. Schools, colleges, hospitals, roads etc everything is limited in the source. Still, there are no colleges for higher education like management, engineering, medical etc. These higher education and many others were beyond our reach.

Not all the education but most of them has been easier to access because of the mobile phone. The correspondence courses, distant learning has become accessible today. People of pursuing this education.

So how can mobile be bane? It is boon not a bane.

Mobile Phone as a Bane

There are several points which can prove that the mobile phone is a bane not a boon. The points are given below. The mobile phone is a bane because-

The Cellphone is Damaging the Family and Social Life of the People

Mobile companies say that they are connecting people. They are bringing people to close together. Now, it’s time to think. Are you connected with your relatives on mobile phones? Are you closer to your loved ones than before? You will find nothing like real connections. Actually, they are not connecting and bringing us together but keeping us away from each other.

In past, when people were visiting their relatives and friends, they were more connected. Now, we don’t visit. We just dial the 10 digit number and talk to the people over the phones. Do you think it creates love and affection among us? Obviously not.

The real love comes when the grandchild sits with the grandparents and enjoys the stories. Real love comes when people are present with their loved one mentally and physically. Unfortunately, we lack that. And what is the chief cause of this happening?

Undoubtedly the mobile phone.

So this can’t be said a boon. It’s a bane.

The phone is Hampering the Physical and Mental Growth of the Teenagers

Large numbers of teenagers are using mobile phones. Their body is in the undergrowth and so are their nervous system and other systems of the body. But now what is the catch? The mobile phone emits a kind of rays which is very harmful for them. Since their body is in the undergrowth, the rays cause harmful deadly disease like cancer.

Therefore, the mobile phone is a slow poison, a bane not a boon.

Mobile Phone is Taking away the Freedom of Our Life

In this fast-growing world, people are very serious about their career. They are always under pressure. They need a break from the hectic ways of life. But it doesn’t matter whether they are on leave, on tour, on a family trip or something, the phone rings any time. We are not on break actually instead we are always in the pressure of school, college or office. Now we can not deny taking asleep of 6/7 hours a day. Then only we can be relaxed and prepared well for the next day.

But we are all busy with our mobile phone even in our bed. Our teenagers are busy chatting and messaging even till after midnight. They don’t get proper sleep during the night resulting in insomnia, obesity etc. We can not be well prepared for the next day because of mobile phones. There are so many occasions when we want to be free. But we don’t get freedom because of it.

Mobile Phone is a bane, not a boon.

It is Providing no Room for Privacy

Every person has a private life and seeks privacy. But the mobile phone has snatched the privacy of people. We are not safe anywhere. Most of the time we misunderstand that we are in privacy. But what happens next moment. Our privacy becomes public in a while. There are so many scoundrels looking for the chance to trap us.

OK, let us take some examples. Our hotels are safe to pass the night? Are we safe at home? Are we safe in our own bathroom? I think you have got your answer to how the safe room you have for your privacy.

We have heard the slogan like ………….sh…… someone is watching us. We are in the eyes of the camera. etc.

If the mobile phone is such crap, how can you say it a boon? The mobile phone is a bane, not a boon.

Mobile Phone is Provoking the Criminal Activity in the Society

Televisions, News channel, cinema etc. play a very important role in making or marring the society. Since we have accessed to mobile phones, these mediums have become easier to approach. No doubt these news channels are in cut-throat competitions to cover the news earlier and live. But for their TRP they show even unwanted pictures and images and clip over the channels. Our teenagers adopt negative things instead of positive ones. They are bullying in their schools, colleges etc and are being addicted to drugs etc. They are diverting to criminal activities. If something remains, they get it from their mobile phone on google.

So the mobile phone is a bane, not a boon.

The cellphone is Wastage of Money and Time

The modern era tends to be highly competitive and speedy. We lack patience and want an instant result. We want to exceed one another. If our neighbour has a mobile phone, we also have the same maybe even better. No matter how costly it is! Now see, it is the matter of showing off our status not the need of the hour. We waste a large amount of money in buying that and continuing with the huge amount of recharges every month.

We must have seen so many people who are owning costly mobile phones but using for movies only. They are also paying a huge amount to continue the services of the operators. They might have invested that amount to reap some benefits. But no, They don’t and won’t do that. It doesn’t end here.

Now, think about Facebook, Instagram, What’s app etc. people spend their most of the time in with these applications. They are active for 8-10 hours a day and waster their time for nothing. Don’t you think that they are spoiling their career as well?

Therefore, the mobile phone is a bane not boon.

It is Lessening the Moral Values of People

Moral values are an essential thing for the human being. But today there is a decline in moral values. Think when we are at a religious place. The prayer is being offered but most intelligent people are busy with their mobile phones. They forget their moral duty.

OK, let us see another example. When we are in our family, we spend time with our loved ones or with mobile phones. Definitely with our phones.

Is it not our duty to spend our time with our parents and other members?

Is it not our duty to sit with our sons and daughters and help them in homework.

Do we keep our mobile aside and have fun with our family members at the dinner table?

No, We don’t. We can leave the moral values aside but not the phone. The mobile phone is not a boon. It is a bane.

It is Increasing the Lack of Humanity

We are all human being and need to have the humanity to prove that we are all human being. But it is a pity! Since the mobile phone has taken a room in our pocket, our humanity is driven away from the heart.

Somebody meets with accidents and crying in pain for help, But we, we are busy in making clips of the same. Today we don’t get satisfaction in helping the needy. Instead, we are satisfied with getting shares and likes. How ashamed it is?

Our women are being harassed, tortured and raped, we are busy in making videos. Smiling on getting the highest shares and likes.

Is it a sign of humanity?

Is it a sign of being human?

No, it’s not. The mobile phone is a bane not boon.


To conclude it on the basis of aforesaid reasons, it is hard to decide whether the mobile phone is boon or bane. However, I would like to say, no device is boon or bane until we use it as boon or bane. We know “Excess of everything is bad”. The mobile phone can not be a bane or boon but the person who uses it makes it bane or boon.

Hoping we being a human being will always prove it boon by using in right and proper way.

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