Solve the Exercises of Sentence Reordering Class 8

Sentence Reordering Class 8 is good for students. These are basic exercises. These exercises will decide whether you got the definition of sentences or not. And keep in your mind if you miss this topic, it will prove to be difficult to understand the next. Therefore, do the exercises well.

Let’s start practice.

Sentence Reordering Class 8 

Exercise – 1

  1. School do you go every day.
  2. What is this answer wrong with.
  3. If a only a bird were. 
  4. clever you How are 
  5. We our teachers should respect.
  6. Elephant is Elephant a animal large 
  7. are Why you nonsense talking?
  8. Have got the you money today?
  9. He was enough kind to me help.
  10. Money come to does you not.

Check Your Answers

  1. School do you go every day.
  2. What is this answer wrong with.
  3. If were only a bird. 
  4. How clever you are 
  5. We should respect our teachers.
  6. Elephant is a large animal
  7. Why are you talking nonsense?
  8. Have you got the money today?
  9. He was kind enough to help me.
  10. Money does not come to you.

Sentence Reordering Class 8 

Exercise – 2

  1. May bless god you!
  2. We at the airport landed safely.
  3. is caused by Malaria by mosquitoes.
  4. the poor Help.
  5. Don’t the poor misbehave people.
  6. There is opportunity no.
  7. can Who you English teach?
  8. The has signed the project minister easily.
  9. of success becomes His path clear and certain.
  10. Where you gone have today?

Check Your Answers

  1. May God bless you!
  2. We landed at the airport safely.
  3. Malaria is caused by mosquitoes.
  4. Help the poor.
  5. Don’t misbehave the poor people.
  6. There is no opportunity.
  7. Who can teach you English?
  8. The minister has signed the project easily.
  9. His path of success becomes clear and certain.
  10. Where have you gone today?

Sentence Reordering Class 8 

Exercise – 3

  1. I my expenses Could carry for this month.
  2. We a cup of can have coffee.
  3. I wish happy you a married life.
  4. has become Her father old.
  5. He very far cannot walk.
  6. You very soon get tired.
  7. I for my success should work.
  8. Read attentively this book.
  9. This notebook you very much will help.
  10. The are very hard working teachers.

Check Your Answers

  1. I Could carry my expenses for this month.
  2. We can have a cup of coffee.
  3. I wish you a happy married life.
  4. Her father has become old.
  5. He cannot walk very far.
  6. You get tired very soon.
  7. I should work for my success.
  8. Read this book attentively.
  9. This notebook will help you very much.
  10. The teachers are very hard working.

How much have you scored? You did it well or not? If not, try it again. And make sure of scoring more than 90%. It means, in every exercise you need to solve 9 out of 10 correctly.

If scored well, move on to the other exercise.

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