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Here is an essay on my classroom. This classroom essay is asked in many classes like primary, upper primary and high school. This classroom essay may help you to write well. Following is an essay on my classroom. ‘Your classroom essay’ may be written as per your school. If you can write by yourself, take an idea only. If you can’t write by yourself, study the following well and write the essay on my classroom.
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Outline –

  • Introduction
  • My Classroom Appearance
  • Class Teacher and students of My Class
  • Well Furnished Classroom
  • Airy and Convenient Classroom
  • The Decorated Walls of My Classroom
  • Neat and Clean Environment of My Classroom
  • Caring and Sharing among the Class Student
  • Conclusion


The name of my school is Human Spirits Educational Group. It is situated at Amari, Koilsa, Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh. That is a top-rated school in my locality. The name of the manager is Mr Basant Verma. And the principal of my school is Mrs Sashi Verma.
Our school is near a market. There are excellent facilities in my school.
There are my classrooms. My classroom is beside the principal’s office. I am going to explain my classroom under the following heads.

My classroom Appearance

My classroom is excellent. It is spacious. The area of my classroom is 500 square feet. It is sufficient for the students to sit and enjoy in the classroom

Class Teacher and students of My Class

My class teacher is Mr Rakesh Kumar. He is well educated. He is very popular in my classroom. There are 30 students in my classroom, and Rohit Awasthi is the monitor of my classroom.

Well Furnished Classroom

My classroom is well furnished. There are 12 benches for students. And a table and podium are there for the teachers. They deliver their speech from there. There are four fans as well.

Airy and Convenient Classroom

My classroom is very airy. It has three windows and two doors. There is enough space in the classroom.

The Decorated Walls of My Classroom

All the walls of my classroom are decorated. There are models and charts. The teachers give projects, and we make and hang them on the walls. All the walls are painted beautiful. There is a blackboard and an LCD for our lectures.

Neat and Clean Environment of My Classroom

My classroom is neat and clean. There is a maid in my school. She cleans my classroom twice. All the students also help her to keep it neat and clean. The students use dustbin for the garbage. There are 2 dustbins in the classroom.

Caring and Sharing among the Class Student

Every student loves each other. They care for each other. Our class teacher loves us very much. The monitor is also very helpful. He is very loving as well. When there is lunch, we all sit together and share our foods. We love each other.


In the last, we can say that our classroom is excellent. Our school is one of the best schools in the locality. We love our school and school teachers. They are making an honest effort to build our career.
Moreover, my classroom is not merely a classroom but a place of respect.

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