Know the Essential Tips for Writing an Essay in English

Are you looking for the basics tips for writing an essay in English? Here are the tips for writing an essay in English. Your search ends here. Know the basic structure of the essay and classification of the essays so that you may recognize the type your essay falls in. It will make it easy to write like a pro.

What is an essay?

This won’t support you in getting tips for writing an essay in English. However, it will make you understand the subject. Let us define the term first-

An essay is a “short proper bit of writing dealing with a solitary subject”. It is ordinarily composed to attempt to convince the reader utilizing chosen research proof.

With the definition, you must have got an idea of the essay. Let us have another definition of an essay.

An essay is an all-inclusive bit of composition that presents and supports a theory or suggestion. The word ‘essay’ is derived from the word ‘exagium’, which means the presentation of a topic.

At the point when you compose an essay, you are presenting a defence for the validity of a specific perspective, examination, understanding, or set of realities or methodology.

Now let us go ahead and see the first of tips of writing an essay in English.

Essential Elements for Writing an Essay in English

This is the first of tips of writing an essay in English. There are three basic elements for writing an essay in English. They are-

  • Outline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Now, let us have some understanding of these elements.


One of the fundamental elements for writing an essay in English is making a diagram of material to make the best construction. Generally, diagrams utilize an arrangement of your points in Roman numerals, upper-and lower-case letters, and numbers to characterize focuses. Make one heading for each section, including your introduction and conclusion. For each section in the body of your essay, list the most fundamental points you need to cover.

Let us take an example of Global Warming. You can outline it like below.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Global Warming?
  3. Causes of global warming
  4. Effect of global warming
  5. Solution for Global warming
  6. Conclusion

You can make an outline of the topic like this. You can also write more or less than these points. This is totally up to you and your knowledge of the topic.


An introduction comprises of one passage that introduces the topic to your readers. Notice, your introduction should be relevant to the topic. The introduction ought, to sum up, the point you expect to make in the body of your essay.

Again, see the brief introduction of the above essay named global warming.

Today we are all suffering from a severe problem named global warming. As the name suggests the meaning of the essay, our earth is getting warmer day by day. It results in increasing sea level due to ice-melt. It gobbles up the islands continuously. We need to recognize the causes of this phenomenon. And without delay, we need to take action to minimize its effects. Let us see global warming in detail.

Body of the Essay

This is the second tips for writing an essay in English. This section can include many points as par your knowledge. However, here there are cause, effect and solution used generally. See one by one.

The body of an essay supports the topic. And the body itself is supported by the sections. Therefore, your section of the body should be well organized and defined. Each section ought to contain important supporting data. A five-passage exposition, for instance, has three body sections. It depends on the style of your essay; you may have more body sections. Keep in mind that one point should support one body section.

Here in the above instance, we have written four sections with headlines. We will cover at least one point in each section.

What is global warming?

To know global warming better understand the greenhouse effect.

Global warming happens when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and ozone harming substances gather in the atmosphere. They absorb sunlight and solar radiation. Regularly, this radiation would escape into space. However, these pollutants linger for hundreds of years in the air. Trapping the heat they cause the planet to get hotter. That is known as the greenhouse effect.

Its causes

There are several causes of global warming. However, the pollution especially emission of CO2 can be taken as the chief cause of global warming. Let see the emission report of the USA below-

tips for writing an essay in english

Its effect

As causes, there are several effects of global warming like health problem, geographical problems, seasonal disturbance etc. You can write to them in details. One is written for you.

The effects of global warming are very dangerous across the globe. Extraordinary warmth waves have caused a huge number of deaths around the planet lately. Furthermore, in a disturbing indication of occasions to come, Antarctica has been losing around 134 billion metric huge loads of ice every year since 2002. This rate could accelerate in the event if we continue to consume petroleum products at our current pace, a few specialists state, causing ocean levels to rise a few meters over the course of the following 50 to 150 years.

Now, write some more effect by yourself on the basis of the tips for writing an essay in English.

Steps to minimize it (Solution)

There are many steps to stop global warming. Some are written below-

  1. We need to use energy-efficient appliances.
  2. By saving water we can reduce carbon pollution.
  3. Using CFL and pulling out the plug while not in use.
  4. Everyone should drive an electric vehicle to reduce carbon emission.
  5. Finally, we need to shrink our carbon profile.

There are many other steps too. You can think and write by yourself as par your knowledge. Our purpose is to give you tips for writing an essay in English. And I think you got it.


This is the final tips for writing an essay in English, our purpose of teaching. Let us know how to conclude the essay.

Mention all the points again but in other words. You can review your supporting points. Summarize all the ideas here in the section. Try to connect the closing with the opening of the topic. Forget not to give your own suggestions to the readers for the topic.

Now let us go ahead and know the classification of essays.

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