A List of Abstract Noun with Examples in Sentences – for Competitors

List of Abstract Noun with Examples in Sentences is a part of a noun in English Grammar. We have read the kinds of nouns there. Then we studied abstract noun definition and its exercises. Now, in this session, we will discuss the rules of abstract nouns. It is essential for competitors.
Since we have read the general rules of the abstract noun, we will discuss it here in brief.
Let us start it.

When we talk about the qualities of a person, place, or thing, we use adjectives for it—for example, a kind man, a beautiful location, a lovely table, etc.
But when we use these qualities separately (without a noun), we use abstract nouns—examples – Kindness, beauty, love, etc.

In short, we can say abstract nouns are beyond our touch.

Before we hit the subject – a list of abstract noun examples in sentences, let us have a look at the following.

Kinds of Abstract Noun

An abstract noun is of two kinds-

  1. Attribute Noun
  2. Verbial Noun

Attribute Noun

The abstract noun that tells the qualities is called the attribute noun. You can make these nouns with the derivatives of an adjective or a common noun. 

Let us see some examples. 

Rule – 1 Suffixes

See the first rule of the list of abstract noun examples in sentences.

See how we add suffixes to make an attribute noun. 

  • -ness 
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb – blind, happy, lonely, crafty, strict, friendly
  • Noun – blindness, happiness boneliness, craftiness, strictness, friendliness


  • -ship
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb – friend, citizen
  • Noun – friendship, citizenship, worship


  • -cy
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb – literate, impotent, delicious, advocate, infant
  • Noun – literacy, impotency, delicacy, advocacy, infancy


  • -ty
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb –  artist, dextrous, loyal, sensitive, stupid
  • Noun – Artistry, dexterity, loyalty, sensitivity, stupidity


  • -ism
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb –  capital, social,altruist, real, racist, narcissist
  • Noun – capitalism, socialism, altruism, realism, racism, narcissism


  • -tion
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb –  aspire, convinct, corrupt, dedicated, liberate
  • Noun – aspiration, conviction, corruption, dedication, liberation 


  • -ment
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb –  manage, develp, attain, excite, impede
  • Noun – management, development, attainment, excitement, impediment 


  • -ance
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb –  acquit, further, brilliant, important, reluctant
  • Noun – acquittance, furtherance, brilliance, importance, reluctance


  • -ence
  • Adjective / Noun / Verb –  persist, benevolent, confident, insistent, diligent, exist
  • Noun – persistence, benevolence, confidence, insistence, diligence, existence 

Rule – 2 Use as a personification

See the first rule of the list of abstract noun examples in sentences.

You can use an abstract noun as a proper noun. It is personified and works as a living thing. For example- 

Anger ran through his body. 

Rule – 3 Use of an article

See the first rule of the list of abstract noun examples in sentences.

You know that an abstract noun needs no articles. However, we sometimes make it plural for a broader sense. 

  • He studies in the art stream.
  • He studies Arts.

The sense of these two words is different. The first sentence tells the stream of study. The second describes the subjects.

Verbial Noun

Rule – 4

See the first rule of the list of abstract noun examples in sentences.

A verbial noun is also of three kinds. 

  1. Verb and Noun same
  2. From derivatives
  3. From -ing

These are the nouns that the same as verb and Noun.

For example.

  • It is a charming move you have taken.
  • If you give it a try, you can win. 

Abstract nouns are also made from derivatives. See the examples below. 

  • motion – move
  • service – serve
  • theft
  • thieve

Some abstract nouns are made by adding ing in them. See the examples-

  • The teachings of Sadhguru are beyond our reach.
  • You will reap the fruits of your doings. 

Rule – 5 Use of the

See the first rule of the list of abstract noun examples in sentences.

You can add ‘the’ before an adjective also to make an abstract noun. But you need to take care that there should be a noun after the adjective.
For examples

  • Rich (adjective)
  • The rich (Noun)
  • The rich people (wrong)
  • You should help the poor. (Here the poor means poor people)
  • If the sentence is written like below, it would be wrong.
  • You should help the poor people. (wrong)

I hope you understand the list of abstract noun examples in sentences well. For other visit proper noun examples, and common noun examples.


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