Noun for Kids – Don’t Miss to be a Part of the Great Learning

Noun for kids is a subject for the school goer of below 10. This topic is an essential topic of noun in English Grammar. You must have understood the meaning of noun and the definition of noun well. If not, don’t worry; we will discuss the subject here today.
Let us start with the definition of noun.

Definition of Noun for Kids

A noun is a naming word. Or you can say a noun is a name of a person, a place, or a thing.
Have you got the definition for kids here?
If not, let’s take some examples.
Noun Examples for Kids
Here are some noun examples for kids. Look at the following pictures and read the noun sentences alongside.

Noun for kids

Mohit is flying a kite in the park.

Mohit is a name of a person. And we know that a name of a person is a noun. Therefore, Mohit is a noun in the sentence.

Kite is also a name of a thing. So it is also a noun.

Now, let see the other nouns in the sentence.

The park is a name of a place. Therefore, park is a noun.

You can say all the names in world are called nouns. That is why it is also called the naming word.

Now take some noun examples for kids to make the subject clear.

Let’s us take some noun sentences.

Circle the nouns in the following sentences.

  • My friends do not like to go to the parks.
  • The actor is coming to the dinner.
  • The fireman worked hard to put out the fire.
  • The grapes are sweet.
  • That boy is sitting by a flower.

Let us see the answers of the above sentences for the subject – noun for kids.

In the first sentence, friends and parks are nouns as they are the names of persons and places.
In the second sentence, actor and dinner are nouns because they are the names of a person and a thing.
The third sentence has two nouns – fireman and fire. Fireman is a name of a person, and fire is a name of a thing.
In the third sentence, the word ‘grapes’ is a noun because it is a name of a thing.
In the last sentence, boy and flower are nouns. They are the names of a person and a thing, respectively.

Very good! You have completed the first step of noun for kids. For more practice, you can visit noun examples for kids.

Let us move on to the second step of kinds of noun.

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